Bald Knob Cross of Peace Now Offering Tickets

Bald Knob Cross of Peace Now Offering Tickets for
Viewing the August 21 Total Eclipse on Bald Knob Mountain

View the total solar eclipse from Bald Knob Cross – the only 360 degree, unobstructed viewing location for this rare event.

Alto Pass, Ill. – January 20, 2017 – Bald Knob Cross of Peace announces that tickets are on sale for viewing the total solar eclipse that will take a path through the United States on August 21. The point of greatest duration, the location where the total eclipse lasts the longest along the entire path, is in the heart of southern Illinois, where Bald Knob Cross is located, and Bald Knob Mountain is the highest point in the area, at 1034 feet above sea level.

There are two types of tickets depending on viewing preferences. Serious Viewers can park on-site and have a 10×10 area to set up telescopes and camera equipment. This package is $250 and includes Eclipse classes, a T-shirt and other amenities. Casual Viewers tickets are $50 per person. Shuttle to the Cross will be provided as well as viewing glasses, a T-shirt and additional items. Ticket details and purchase options can be viewed here,, or call 618-713-8516.

Bald Knob Cross of Peace Executive Director Teresa Gilbert states, “There has been a great amount of interest shown in our ‘spot on’ location for the only 360 degree, unobstructed viewing of this rare eclipse. We’re working with the Solar Eclipse Committees, and three local organizations, Egyptian Area Board of Realtors, In The Wind Ministries, and Murphysboro Key Club, are partnering with us to plan this incredible event. Suffice it to say that Bald Knob Cross will be a very popular spot for viewing this phenomenon.”

Because of an expected total sell-out of available tickets, Eclipse viewers are encouraged to purchase tickets early to guarantee their spot.